National History Day

  • Lowell Scott Middle School United States

If you are interested in volunteering at this event, please email | Subject: National History Day by 2/20/16. Volunteers will be acting as judges for projects at National History Day.  This year’s theme is Exploration, Encounter and Exchange in History. Transportation will be provided and if needed. Additionally, breakfast, snacks and coffee will be served.  

Organizers are anticipating a couple hundred students to compete. Here is a brief look at the 5 categories and judging requirements for each:

  1. Exhibit: Students create a museum-type exhibit of their findings. This is a very popular category. Judges will walk through their assigned exhibits, interviewing students and reviewing information. 
  2. Performances: Students create 10 minute original performances that convey their findings. Typically only have a couple sets of judges needed for this category. Judges will be seated throughout the judging and will interview students after their performances.
  3. Documentaries: Students will use a variety of film making/production programs to create an original documentary of their findings. Judges will be seated and watching these 10 minute videos before interviewing students.
  4. Historical Papers: Students will present their findings in written form, typically in an essay, though more creative approaches may be seen. Unlike the prior categories, paper judges will be sent a packet of essays to review prior to competition. Judges will still interview students at competition, to follow up on any questions or ideas. 
  5. Websites: Students create websites that present their findings in a multi-media format. This has become a very popular category and we often need many judges. Like paper judges, website judges will be send (either mailed or emailed) a list of links for their assigned flight of websites to review before competition. Judges will still interview students at competition.

Unlimited slots available. Please advise Courtney on which area you would like to assist with. 


  1. Taylor Lance

Further information for the event will be emailed to you at least 48 hours in advance.  If for some reason a contestant needs to cancel, please email 24 hours prior to the start of the event and include your reason that you are unable to attend.