Keeping Fit in the Winter

Normally, most of us are more active when the weather is better. You may think the only way to get a workout in the winter is to go to the gym and battle the New Years Resolution crowd. To the people that think this, you must have never shoveled a foot of snow off your driveway. Luckily for our biceps this year has been generous with the snow. Keep it up Mother Nature. You're only making me look better. 


I am someone who loves to workout in the great outdoors. Hiking, biking, climbing and going for evening runs. The only real outdoor exercise I get in the Winter is skiing. The problem with skiing is that I'm not excellent. So while my family and friends are gracefully bouncing down the hills in perfect technique, I am wondering why I let them trick me into thinking the run was a green circle. It's not a day of skiing in my house if I haven't secretly cried in fear once. I can hear my little brothers yelling "Kate stop pizza-ing down the hill and parallel turn." They call it "french fry" when you learn how to ski; First, you pizza turn and then you finally learn how to french fry turn. For the sake of this blog on winter fitness, it should be called "carrot stick turn." No matter how many children under five pass me throughout the day, I always feel like I've had a fun time and a great workout. 

There is one way to stay fit I would recommend to anyone who is sick and tired of the cold. Bikram and other forms of hot yoga are wonderful. For 60-90 minutes you can be 100% hot. So sensationally hot that it lingers. Your body actually gets so warm it blocks out the cold while you walk out to your car after class. I love it because you feel completely refreshed afterward. If you're like me and get congested in the winter being in the hot, humid room can work miracles on your sinuses. Most classes I've been to allow you to go at your own pace which is a relief because yoga truly is an art.

"Okay class, now we're going to crouch down and raise your body onto the tips of your pinky toes."

*waits to hear modification for us normal people

"If you can't make it to the tips of your pinky toes try the next toe over."

*slips into child's pose and waits while girl in a pretzel one mat over judges you

Seriously, though, give it a try if you ever get the chance because you feel like a million bucks afterward. 

When all else fails, there is always the gym and an internet full of home workouts to try! Thanks for letting me share some of mine. Remember that summer is coming and we will all be a little more sun kissed and toned when it does.

-Kate Marshall, Miss Gate City