Dance Marathon

It’s February and I’m so excited! No, not for Valentines day because #single, but for one of the most incredible charity events of the year! BOISE STATE DANCE MARATHON! This month on February 24th and 25th myself along with hundreds of Boise State students and supporters, will dance 17 hours, 3pm to 8am, through the night for the kids at St Luke’s Children’s Hospital here is Boise!  

What is Dance Marathon?

Besides incredible, Dance Marathon is an event that occurs all over the nation in many different states. The primary goal of DM is to raise funds for ill children and their families through Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. This is a non-profit organization and all money raised stays local!

One of the most special aspects of this event is that college and high school students are the driving forces behind making a difference. A team of students work throughout the year to put on fundraisers with the help of community businesses and supporters, raise awareness and ultimately host the biggest dance party of the year! At my university, Boise State, Dance Marathon first began in 2012 when it was founded by Stephanie Pyles and Bryan Vlok. Since then, it has grown every year and become an iconic event on campus. Check out how much Boise State has raised over the years #FTK!

2013- $5,000   

2014- $37,000     

2015- $66,000    

2016- $114,000

2017 - ???

Why Do I Love DM?

If I explained every detail of why I loved Dance Marathon, this blog post would literally be a book! So I’ll try to condense the love into a few paragraphs…

From an outside perspective anyone can appreciate what Dance Marathon aims to do. Seeing college students come together to raise money for such a worthy cause is moving. I love the support that comes from Boise State, community sponsors, friends and family. I love that we are making a difference.

However, my true passion for the event comes from the personal experience and connection I have to what, or rather who, we are actually dancing for. In the Miss America Organization we are partnered with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals to raise money, bring awareness and volunteer for them throughout our time as titleholders. My true love for this event can be summed up by saying,

Beckham. Prescott. Angelica.

These three and so many more, are the kids we dance for. The kids that are going through or have gone through things in their life that nobody should. Yet, when you meet them they are some of the happiest, loving and positive kids you’ll ever meet. They are truly incredible. Angelica, a 9 year old little girl that has gone through lung surgery and a kidney transplant. I met her at Miss America and she is an extremely talented little girl with the most infectious smile and spirit. Prescott is a Champion kid here in Idaho that I got to spend time with at an event raising money for CMNH. Beckham, who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and an extremely rare blood disorder, is the CMNH Champion for Idaho! He is such an amazing boy that is funny, smart and hopeful for the future.

image1 (1).JPG

They are why I dance.

How Can You Get Involved?

Listen up! If you can take part in Dance Marathon at Boise State, DO IT! If you have any opportunity to take part in a dance marathon at any high school or college, DO IT! I promise you it’s one of the most fun, entertaining, moving, emotional, exhausting events you’ll ever take part in. It’s remarkable the energy that you gain from the people around you when you think you are too tired to keep going. You are reminded that the kids and families you are dancing for go through this exhaustion not just for 17 hours, but for days, weeks, months and years. We dance for those that can’t. We dance for a future where they can one day dance too.

If you aren’t able to actually be present at Dance Marathon there are other ways for you to make a difference and be involved. Everyone participating has a donor drive where we take donations that help us reach our ultimate goal which this year is…$140,000! Any donation is greatly appreciated, is tax deductible and stays local right here at St. Luke's Children's Hospital! If you would like to join my team and make a donation #FTK click here!

I thank you from the bottom from my heart for supporting me as Miss Idaho and as a dancer in this years Boise State Dance Marathon. Let’s do it FOR THE KIDS.

(Last year at Boise State Dance Marathon 2016)

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Kylee Solberg, Miss Idaho 2016