What I Am Most Excited For Miss Idaho Week

What I Am Most Excited For Miss Idaho Week


Life is short; time is fast, no real life replay or rewind. This is your moment, this is your life.


In this very moment I was crowned Miss Ada County 2017 and my journey to Miss Idaho 2017 began. It began the opportunity to change lives, it began the opportunity to grow, it began the opportunity to show others the joy of the Miss America Organization! This moment is one that 21 other local Idahoan women had and cherish each day and one lucky women will be able to have this moment as the new Miss Idaho 2017 at the end of this week.


This being not my first go around for the title of Miss Idaho, my favorite thing besides the fun limo rides we get to have during the week, if being able to connect with all the women around me! I have met some of my best friends through this organization and I cannot express enough how amazing EACH AND EVERY SINGLE WOMEN that is going to hit that stage on Friday and Saturday is. These women are strong, passionate, charismatic, thoughtful, genuine individuals who are making a difference in the community! We have fun backstage and create memories that I know I will be sharing with my kids, and their kids someday!



I want all the contestants competing this weekend to keep in mind this…


It's not the title, nor the crown that counts.

It's not the weight that's lost that really amounts.

It's not the makeup design, or the gown that you wear,

Or the shape of your build or the length of your hair.

You see, the growth of a Queen is all done inside,

It's nothing support hose or makeup can hide.

The real preparation is done in the mind,

It's leaving your fears and your faults all behind.

It's lifting your soul to a place that's far seen,

It's molding a woman to the height of a Queen.

It's hard and it's work, it's not easily done,

But when it is over, you'll know who has won.

When the pageant is through and the lights are turned down,

You will know you're a winner and you will have your crown.

You see, all crowns are made different, it's really an art,

Yours can be rhinestones or the growth of the heart.



I am most excited for this week because not only do I get to have the opportunity to be chosen for my dream job, but also they fact that I get to do it beside such a wonderful group! Cherish the moments you have because in a blink of an eye it can go by so fast. I am so grateful to be able to represent Ada County at Miss Idaho and hope that you can join me on June 9-10th at Kuna High school for the Miss Idaho pageant!

-Katarina Schweitzer  Miss Ada County 2017

-Katarina Schweitzer

Miss Ada County 2017