The Miss Idaho’s Outstanding Teen Competition is held in conjunction with the Miss Idaho Competition, and is the state final for the Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Competition held in Orlando, Florida.  The first competition was held in 2005. Contestants may compete as at-large contestants, not sponsored by a local pageant, or may be the winner of a local competition. Every local competition has specific geographic eligibility requirements, based on where you live or attend school. However, all of them share the same general eligibility requirements:

  • Resident of Idaho for the last six months
  • Must be 13 on the first day of the Miss Idaho’s Outstanding Teen Competition for the year in which she will compete
  • No older than 17 by July 31st
  • May NOT be 17 AND a High School Senior
  • U.S. Citizen

To find out which local competition(s) you may be eligible for, check our local pageant information page. We accept at-large contestants not sponsored by a local program, as well as winners of local competitions. The entry fee is $250 for at-large contestants. In many cases, local pageant committees will assist with payment of the state pageant entry fee. Check with local directors for local competition entry fees. All teen titleholders are required to raise $100 for CMNH and sell at least one $400 ad page.

At-Large Contestants

You don’t have to win a local pageant to compete in the state pageant in October. You can enter as an At-Large Contestant if it is your first year competing for Miss Idaho's Outstanding Teen. That just means that you aren’t sponsored by a particular local pageant committee. But you compete right along with the local titleholders at the state competition. If you competed in a local pageant, but didn’t win, you can still enter the state competition as an At-Large Contestant. And if you haven’t entered any local competition, or if there isn’t one near you, you can enter as an At-Large Contestant. At-large contestants must turn in an entry form and the $250 entry fee by one month before the state program. For information on competing as an At-Large Contestant, email Heidi Brendle:


A contestant who holds a college, fair, festival, or judged event title may apply to compete at the Miss Idaho Pageant. There are guidelines and the State Board will make the final determination. For more information click here. Want to see if you are eligible? The Miss Idaho and Miss Idaho's Outstanding Teen Pageant accepts contestants who have won a judged event, University, Fair or Festival competition. Click here to register or find out if you qualify.